Please… Is there anyone out there who wants to discuss the rebuilding of the palace in english? I´m very interested in architecture and would be delighted if the palace were to be rebuilt.

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  1. I´m very happy that someone from far away wants to discuss with us. You must excuse my bad English, I´ll try my very best.

    What are your reasons for sympathize with the rebuilding of the old palace(I bet you are meaning the historic one, not the GDR-Building from the 1970ies- PdR)? Have you visit Berlin a few times? And what is your opinion that the PdR will be destroyed although he is also interesting because of his architecture and history?

  2. I also want to welcome you to this forum, although i dont feel that you are from as far away as Mr. Hartmann implied 🙂
    It’s always nice when ppl from different countries are taking interest in projects like this, as it’s a fresh perspective on the matter.
    Perhaps you know that the 2nd expansion during the baroque era was done by a swedish architect: Eosander v. Göthe
    Most memorable in this context is the main portal..the Eosanderportal.

    Also a lot of us are looking at sweden with somewhat of a jealous eye, due to the intact historical centers. Perhaps you are even from Stockholm and can tell us a couple of impressions from its own city palace…

    As to your concerns about the situation in Berlin: it has ceased to be a question about whether to build it or not, but when to start with it.
    I’m sure you heard that the representation of the ppl decided in favour of the berlin city palace and this with an absolute majority of the votes. This happened in 2002 and ppl have already donated 10 million € to Mr. Boddien’s inititive, even though there is no visible change on the city square itself yet. There is an info center planned ( and already fully financed ), in which ppl can inform themselves about the progress, the history of the area, its future and even watching craftsmen working on the ornaments.
    The dismantlement of the GDR Building ( Palast der Republik ) is due this autumn and no further utilization of it is planned, due to its semi spectacular number of visitors during the last year, which was lower than that from most average museums and the fact that its removal was already decided along with the vote in favour of the Berlin city palace in 2002.

    So much for now

    Hej då from Berlin

  3. Perhaps you’ll find it in your time to elaborate how this building is as uniquely mature in europe as you like to write it.
    This building was only opened for 12 years and has been created by an unelected party to idealize values it pretented to have.

    Unlike to this, the dismantlement has been decided within a democratic process.

    I’m also kinda surprised, that you use its appearance as a pro argument, especially since it lacks any relation to the surrounding buildings.
    here an actual picture, taken from top of the "Zeughaus", a baroque Building, created by an architect, that also took part in the creation of the Belrin city palace: Andreas Schlüter


  4. “has been created by an unelected party to idealize values it pretented to have”
    Is this an argument against the PdR? We got buildings from the NAZI regime in Berlin and they are still in use(with other functions).

    “it lacks any relation to the surrounding buildings”
    That’s wrong. It lacks relations to historical buildings like the Old Museum and Zeughaus(important connections) but to the Dom and library and to the Brandenburger Tor and the buildings at the eastern side its got connections.

    P.S. durch die Installation “Zweifel”(Neonschrift auf dem Dach des PdR) erkennt man die Bezüge zu den Linden gut. Aber sie haben Recht das was fehlt, nur muss das nicht das Schloss sein.

  5. It was a pleasent surprise that you thought it was okey to discuss it in english. I´m sorry I haven´t learned german yet, but I would sure like to some day. No, I haven´t yet visited Germany at all (maybe this disqualifies my opinion but I certainly hope this isn´t the case). To, answer you about the historical centres of Swedish towns. Well I don´t know if a agree with you on that one. The swedish government "modernised" many swedish historical town centres back in the 60-70:ies. Stockholm is to a large extent ruined by their (the government) lack of feel of history and culture. Everything should be new. "Out with the old – in with the new" was a saying that they tend to embrace. Why am I then concerned about a palace in Berlin you might ask? The answer is simple – Europe has to take care of it´s history and culture because a lot of old landmarks is destroyed bit by bit – year by year. And this fact troubles me, no matter where in Europe (or else in the world for that matter) this happens. The swedish government has now made a 180 and nowadays even us swedes take pride in our history. I think that it´s about time you germans do the same (I say this in a humble way, of course). The german influence in sweden is remarkable. Especially from the hanseatic (don´t know if it´s spelled that way) times. Visby, Stockholm, Lund are all towns that bear witness about the extensive relations between Sweden and german city states like Lûbeck and so forth.

    Here is a (official) link to some swedish castles. (If there´s someone who is interested 🙂

    I think that it seems hard for you germans to be really proud of your past. It´s a shame, because the german history consists of so much more than Hitler and the Nazis. Don´t let that stand in your way to take care of your cultural heritage. Hmmm, maybe best to stop now. My letter seems to have become a little bit to long 🙂

    Ich bein ein berliner

    Good bye for now…

  6. S. Hartmann

    Sorry, meister Hartmann, but you should know, that the Reichskanzleramt of Herr Hitler had been immediately torn down, its traces abolished and its marble been used for the glorious Soviet memorial of rape e.g.
    The remaining buildings of the thirties cannot really be called ugly, when you look at Flughafen Tempelhof for instance.
    Besides , these buildings have not been placed on the ruins of others, that were culturally more important than themselves.

  7. Thank you for your kind, understanding and outmost interesting posting.
    Be assured, although our officials claim us to be the "Free Germany, the best there ever was on this soil", it is not true.
    There is a big, yawning gap, between what our respective governments / opinion leaders / papers say and what the people really think.
    We do suffer as much from the "Vergangenheitsbewältiger" (there is no word in other languages for that, let’s circumscribe it with "Profit – suckers of the dark chapters of our history for their own benefit"), as from the modernists and let’s all hope, this will soon be ended.
    By the way, last year the novel by Jules Verne " In 80 days around the world" has been filmed for the 3rd time and you know what?
    They shot the picture on the Berlin Gendarmenmarkt (Schinkels Schauspielhaus, Deutscher Dom and Hugenottenkirche), where the scenes in London take place, old "Paris" was shot on location in Görlitz/Neiße and the park in Paris is the Park of the beautiful Schloß Charlottenburg in Berlin !
    Well, this can’t be without significance.
    Let’s wait and see which wonderful movies will be filmed with the re-erected Berlin – Castle in the Background !

    P.S.: I would love to continue this dialog with you directly, having never been to Sweden before; if you are interested, please ask the Webmaster to give you my e-Mail adress.

    Kind regards

    A Prussian

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