The members of the Foerderverein come from all parts of the population. Prominent people from politics, the media, business, culture and science support its goals as do many normal citizens ranging from retired women to experts, employees to businessmen. Doctors and scientists support the work, among them a large number of young people.

The Foerderverein is deliberately neutral in its politics. More than half of the members are academicians. No representatives of political parties are to be found on its board of directors. The membership profile encompasses all democratic poilitcal parties of the country.

The annual membership fee at the present time is at least: Euro 60,-. This fee is should be viewed as a minimum. Members with higher incomes are requested to give correspondingly higher sums.

For  school children, college students, the unemployed and retirees the fee is reduced to Euro 35,-.

For German citizens, the membership fee is tax deductible. [Non-citizens should discuss deductibility with their own tax advisors, US-Residents should ask us!] Because the Foerderverein is a non-profit organization, for every payment above Euro 100,- members will receive a certificate of payment for tax deductibility.  For payments of lesser amounts, the payment receipt serves as the tax confirmation.