The Berliner Schloss Post

The Berliner Schloss Post is our most important printed news source. This newspaper has been distributed in an edition of over 2 million copies and contains 56 pages in printed form, richly illustrated with (almost) everything (and sometimes a bit more) of what you can read or view on the website.

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We would be pleased if you would contribute to its dissemination and will supply you , without charge, with the number you request for distribution to you circle of relatives, friends and acquaintances.

The newspaper is also well-suited for distribution in a reception or waiting room to your customers, patients and clients. For this purpose you will receive a sturdy carton, printed on the exterior with the facades of the Palace with the first 100 copies of the newspaper.

Please order the Berliner Schloss Post here. In the event that you need the carton for use as a prop for a public distribution, please advise us of this separately.