The Palace will bring back the beauty of Berlin’s center. For this reason alone its reconstruction must not founder for financial reasons. Accordingly, the Berlin Palace will be financed in two ways:


  • The core of the building will be financed through the capital market.
  • The Façade will be built with donated money.


The excess cost of the Palace façade in comparison with that of a similar building in the modern style comes to approximately 80 million Euros.

This sum is to be raised exclusively through your donations. The amount has been carefully calculated and guaranties the handmade artistic reconstruction in the same high quality which the Palace originally had.

Thus, through the tax deductible gifts of German citizens to their country, the Palace will become reality. Will we ever be able to do this?

Absolutely, it is possible!

200,000 citizens (out of 81,400,000 Germans) giving 400 Euros over 10 years or 40 Euros annually (monthly about the cost of a pack of cigarettes) can make it happen! Give your bank a standing order to make the payments. We will succeed with your help!

(Our role model is the success of the Frauenkriche in Dresden with its worldwide popular support.)

Why only donations for the façade?

The core of the building behind the façade will cost just as much as one with a modern façade. And, like a modern building, the core will be financed via the capital market with the same chances and risks that any private financing encounters. After all, not even a modern structure can be built without cost. To be sure, we believe that the chances of marketing the Palace successfully are better than those for any industrially configured and constructed building in today’s architectural style. In this way, for the entities for which the Palace is to be built (which includes the state), there can be no more arguments that they cannot financially, afford the Palace because it would be too expensive. It will not be any more costly than a modern building of equal size!

However, there is still another reason behind seeking donations. By doing so, the Palace will become a house of democracy through the personal dedication of hundreds of thousands of citizens. It will in effect become the PEOPLE’S PALACE!

As a donor you will receive an official confirmation which can be used to reduce your taxes. In addition, your name will be recorded and memorialized in the Palace.

How do I make a donation?

1. You can make a single donation.


2. You can commit to a donation subscription.


3. You can even adopt a particular part of the building and thereafter your name will be forever connected with it.

4. Friends and acquaintances can collect money in honor of one of their own private celebration days or their anniversary and donate it to the Palace instead of buying a present. We will be delighted to inform you as to the use of the money and to send your friends a donation confirmation.


5. You can also remember the Palace in your will with a testamentary gift.


6.You can give an intervivos gift of your wealth.



Every amount helps and will memorialize you for posterity!
We will gladly advise you on these matters in strict confidence.



Regardless of the form you chose to make a donation:

Write us an Email! (This is quite simple, go to the last item in the Main Menu)

Call us up: Tel: 0049 (0) 4532/40 41 12 (only during usual office hours).

Fax us: Fax: 0049 (0) 4532/40 41 33.
Beginning in May of 2003 you can directly order through the Internet specific building stones or even complete parts of the façade for prices starting from 250 Euros upward. These items will likewise be connected with your name if you so desire!

Every sum, no matter how small, will soon bring the Palace from dreams into reality. For indeed, many small amounts together will add up to a huge sum! We are already reserving for you, according to the size of your donation, a small or large part of the façade.

Our bank account for donations is as follows:

Deutsche Bank AG

BLZ (routing number): 100 700 00

Kto (account number): 077 2277


IBAN: DE 41 1007 0000 0077


Persons wishing to make donations, who are not German citizens, are urged to consult their personal tax advisers as to the deductability of their gifts  under applicable law.