The new berlin palace in a virtual vision

A movie by Sandy Lunitz and Steffen Becker, eldaco art & design company, Berlin


The new Berlin Palace has already been built — in a computer. Sandy Lunitz and Steffen Becker, two young men from Rostock, have constructed it virtually with the advice of Prof. Goerd Peschken and Wilhelm v. Boddien in 2001. The almost unimaginable mass of data which underlies this feat just for the facades and the Schlueterhof courtyard alone is nearly 5 terra-bytes. The camera makes a tour around the computerized Palace. Portal I opens itself and we float into the Schlueterhof, shown in its final version as the most beautiful and largest festival hall of Berlin. The final sequence of pictures shows a tour of the lantern on the top of the dome over the Palace chapel under various simulated weather conditions.