If you want to build a ship,
do not drum up a lot of people together
to gather wood,
prepare work tools,
give out assignments
and divide up the work.
Instead, awaken in them the longing
for the broad endless sea!

(Antoine de Saint- Exupéry)

Introduction to  the  Foerderverein

The charitable organization known as the “Foerderverein Berliner Schloss e.V.” is the backbone of our work on the rebuilding of the Berlin Palace.

In regard to everything concerning its organization, members, donors, supporters circles, by-laws, yearly financials and member meeting  minutes, we realize that only  by showing the greatest transparency  about our activities  can we assure success in our collection of donations. For this reason we prepare our year-end financial statements in accordance with the directives of the  HGB and  allow the accounts to be examined and tested by a well known  firm of public accountants. Moreover, we have been awarded the DZI – Donation Seal, the sign of reliability from the German Central Institute for Social questions Berlin. Also here again, we undergo yearly a thorough examination with them.  We are proud to be able to display this sought after Donation Seal.

We would be very pleased if you would further our work by becoming a member of the Foerderverein or by making a donation. Your voluntary assistance is also requested, wherever you live, since the Verein has established regional circles of supporters throughout Germany.

Please note: Only if many citizens become involved, both as volunteers and financially, will we achieve our donation goal of a  total of 80 million Euros. Just being in favor of the project is not sufficient!

Many thanks for your interest!