In addition to its members, the Verein is supported by thousands of donors, who although they are not directly involved in the organization as members, nevertheless stand ready to further its special project with their generous donations, and thus constitute the real financial pillars of the Verein’s work.

The composition of these supporters encompasses all segments of Germany’s population. They are to found in all of the country’s social classes. Donations range from as little as 5 Euros. to those in the six figure category.

In accordance with the written pronouncement of the Tax Office for Organization Taxation I, Berlin, dated Dec. 23, 2004, the increased deductions pursuant to Sect. 10 b, Paragraph 1 Sentence 2 of the Income Tax Law applies to donors to the Verein. (in other words one is permitted to treat up to 10% of one’s income as a donation to the Palace for tax purposes!)*

For donations of 100 Euros. or more, our donors automatically receive from the Verein   a deductible tax certificate of use, since the Verein is recognized as a charitable not-for-profit entity under German law.* In the case of lesser donations, the payment receipt is sufficient for the tax declaration.*

NOTE:  Persons not subject to German Tax Law should consult their own tax advisors regarding the deductibility of their donations to the Verein.