Donate by bank transfer

You can make a donation to support the rebuilding of Berlin Palace in a very easy, uncomplicated way.
Simply transfer your donation to the following fundraising account:

Donations account

Account name:

Förderverein Berliner Schloss e.V., Berlin

Sort code:  100 700 00
Account: 0772277
Deutsche Bank AG

Purpose: Your name

International bank account details

IBAN: DE41 1007 0000 0077 2277 00

Pursuant to the relevant German legislation, we are exempted from business tax.

DZI, the German Central Institute for Social Issues certifies that all donations reach their intended destination!

Berlin Palace donations from abroad qualify for favourable tax treatment in some countries!

Other than in a few exceptional cases, donations made across national borders are not tax-deductible in any European country. However, by using the ‘Transnational Giving Europe’ network, donors from the following countries can nevertheless make tax-efficient donations towards the reconstruction of Berlin Palace:

  • USA

The background to this is that in 1997, under the auspices of the European Foundation Centre (eFC) the ‘Transnational Giving Europe’ network was launched. Through collaboration among its partners, the network aimed to make sending donations abroad easier and tax-efficient. This collaboration is needed in order to be assured via the partners of the not-for-profit status of the foreign recipient organisation and of the quality of the project being supported. ‘Maecenata International e.V.’, a registered society, is the German partner in the network. With their help the Friends of Berlin Palace (Förderverein Berliner Schloss e.V.) has been recognised in all partner countries as a recipient organisation.


  •  King Baudouin Foundation
  • Fondation de France
  • Charities Aid Foundation
  •  Community Foundation for Ireland
  •  Oranje Fonds
  • Fondation de Pologne

Donors can contact the partner organisation in their home country at any time and/or make a donation to the specified account. They then receive a donation receipt that can be used for tax purposes in their own country.

Account holder: King Baudouin Foundation, Rue
des colonies 56 (P28)- 1000 Brussels
Bank: bpost bank

Account no.: 000-0000004-04
IBAN: BE10 0000 0000 0404

Purpose: “TGE-Berliner Schloss –
Tel. : +32-2-549 02 31,
Fax : +32 2 549 02 89,


Account holder: Fondation de France,
Bank: Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, 56,
Rue de lille, 75356 Paris 07 SP

Account no. : 0000100222l, BlZ: 40031,
IBAN: FR67 4003 1000 0100 0010 0222 L76,

Purpose: “T00459/TGE-Forderverein

Cheques must be made payable to ‘Fondation
de France/500477/Forderverein Berliner’ and sent to:

Fondation de France
Ghislaine Rumin, Assistante Département des
Fondations, 40 avenue Hoche, F-75008 Paris
Tel. : +33-1-44 21 87 60
Fax : +33-1-44 21 31 54


Charities Aid Foundation can only give the bank account details to the donor personally.

Interested donors please contact:
Keith Jefferies

Phone.: +44-30 00 12 33 80


Account holder: Oranje Fonds te Bunnik,
J.F. Kennedylaan 101, 3981 CB Bunnik,
The Netherlands

Bank: ING 66 71 64 200
IBAN: NL 58 INGB 066716 4200
SWIFT-Adresse (BiC): INGB NL2A

Bank: Postbank 6550
IBAN: NL PSTB 0000 0065 50

Purpose: “TGE-Berliner Schloss-Germany”

Interested donors please contact:
Theo Van Oosten

Tel. : +31-30-23 39 325

Email: oder

Account holder: The Community
Foundation for Ireland ltd
Bank: Bank of ireland, lower Baggot Street,
Dublin 2 – Ireland

Account no..: 23538655
Sort Code (BlZ): 90-14-90
IBAN: IE94 BOFI 9014 9023 5386 55

Purpose: “TGE-Berliner
Schloss – Germany”
Charity Number-Ireland: CHY 13967,
Tel: +353-1-874 7354
Fax: +353-1-874 7637


If you are US-American Citizen:
Donations should be made out to
“Friends of Dresden inc.” and should
be sent to:

Friends of Dresden Inc.
c/o Dr. Guenter Blobel
1230 York Avenue
New York, NY 10021, USA

The “Friends of Dresden, Inc.” is a nonprofit
501 (3)(c) charitable organization. it will be
able to accept tax deductible donations for the
reconstruction of the Berlin Schloss. it will
issue confirmation of the donation to the
donor for tax purposes right after the donation
has been received.

Your donations made to us from the aforementioned European countries reach us via:

MAECENATA INTERNATIONAL e.V., Herzogstraße 60, D-80803 Munich. Tel.: +49-89-284452. Fax: +49-89-283774.
E-mail: Directors: Christian Petry (Chair), Rupert graf Strachwitz and Veronika Hofmann.
We are very grateful to Maecenata for their assistance!